Ephrata ACT
Ephrata ACT
Ephrata ACT


 Show consists of two 45-minute sets and 15-minute intermission.

Tickets: Rows 1-5, $12.00, all other rows, $10.00

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Coming March 1, 2009 @ 2 PM



Ticket Order Information


To place an order for Tickets, please call (717) 738-2ACT (2228) and please let us know: 1)  Show Name, 2)  Show Date & Time, 3)  # of Adult Tickets, 4)  # of Children Tickets, 5)  Seat number preference,  if known. 


   Having a live stage theater in the Grand Theater was the dream of our mentor Mrs. Anne Brossman Sweigart. At the Ephrata Chamber of Commerce dinner in Mrs. Sweigart's honor Marcia and David Martin were asked to speak. They spoke to Anne about one of her favorite non-profit theater organizations -Ephrata ACT. From the review come these words: "Another presentation that evening came from Ephrata ACTís Marcia and Dave Martin who talked about the dreams of a special community theater becoming a reality in 1993 when the Grand Theater was constructed inside the new Brossman Business Complex, the headquarters for D&E Communications.                     "None of this would have happened had it not been for love of the cultural arts and your devotion to sharing it with others," Dave said. "The people of Ephrata certainly realize the contribution you have made." "Today your dream is a dream come true, because you were not afraid to climb the mountain."Sweigart ended the evening with these touching quotes which carry even more weight today. "This is an evening I will never forget," she said. "I'm 88 and I hope to be 100...I hope I can stay forever but that isnít ever going to happen. But as long as Iím here, I want to be a value to the community and all the surrounding areas in Lancaster area or maybe beyond. I love to do what Iím doing!"
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No current auditions  


Auditions will be held in the Brossman Business Complex, 124 East Main Street, Ephrata. Call Ephrata ACT at (717) 738-2228 to reserve an audition time, to discuss another time or for more information. Please prepare one verse of a song, be prepared to read from the script, and bring a recent photo or head shot.





All held at 11:00 AM


Call Ephrata ACT at 738-2228

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Or E-mail us at ephratact@dejazzd.com